MAST Controllers

MAST Master Controller

The MAST Master Controller is the brain of the MAST system and it is required for every MAST installation. It can control one SP100 or SP200 module and can communicate with one analytical destination like a MAST Cell Removal System, a Nova BioProfile FLEX, FLEX2, Roche BioHT or a Gilson liquid handler. The Master Controller operates the system and maintains critical operational interlocks.

The Master Controller communicates with the MASTconnect software allowing the user to operate the MAST system.

Download the MAST Master Controller Product Data Sheet

Sample Navigator Controller

Expand your sampling capacity using the Sample Navigators. The Sample Navigator Controllers plugs into the Master Controller to increase your sampling capability. Each Sample Navigator Controller can operate five SP100 or SP200 units and operates a Sample Navigator valve module which acts like a traffic cop routing your samples to where they need to go. Using a maximum of two Sample Navigator Controllers and valve modules allow control of up to 10 Sample Pilots.

Included with the Sample Navigator Controller is the Sample Navigator software which allows the MAST system to collect samples from multiple sources while ensuring that each sample source is appropriately tracked, and after every sample, each Sample Pilot is appropriately flushed, sanitized and dried in preparation for the next sample.

Download the Sample Navigator Controller Product Data Sheet

Analytical Navigator Controller

Route your samples to more than one analytical destination using the Analytical Navigator Controller.  Samples coming from the Sample Navigator modules can be directed to four analytical destinations such as the MAST Cell Removal System, a Nova BioProfile FLEX, FLEX2, Roche BioHT or a Gilson liquid handler.

Included with the Analytical Navigator Controller is the Analytical Navigator software which allows the MAST system to route samples to four analytical destinations. This software controls the routing of samples to the various analytical devices.

Download the Analytical Navigator Controller Product Data Sheet

Sample & Analytical Navigator Sample Routing Valve Assemblies

Physically, the samples need to be routed from their source to their target analytical destination. Using the same zero static, fully cleanable valve design used in the Sample Pilots, the Sample Navigator valve module and the Analytical Navigator distribution valves effectively direct each sample to its target destination.

Download the Analytical Navigator Valve Manifold Assembly Product Data Sheet