Sanitant Station

The MAST system flushes sanitizing solution through all of the sample contact components of the Sample Pilot all of the way through to the destination. Sanitant is supplied in a 20L container that is equipped with low and low-low fluid level sensor, a positive displacement diaphragm pump and secondary containment.

Sanitant is supplied from the Sanitant Station through the Fluid Supply Pre-Filter assembly.

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System Cleaning Station

To minimize clogging, it is often required to push a more aggressive cleaning solution through the system. The System Cleaning Station is coupled with the Sanitant Supply Station to provide complete system cleaning when required. This cleaning can be performed while Sample Pilots are still connected to bioreactors.

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Cell Removal System Fluid Supply Station

This Fluid Supply Station provides flush and cleaning solutions to the Cell Removal System as required.

CRS fluid is supplied from the CRS Fluid Supply Station through the Fluid Supply Pre-Filter assembly.

Thermal Control Racks

Often times, the samples that are collected need to be maintained at a specific temperature. To facilitate this, the Thermal Control Racks were developed. Connected to tempered fluid supply source such as a temperature-controlled chiller/heater these racks will provide a constant heat sink for your samples. They are crafted out of solid aluminum to help maintain consistent temperature. To minimize condensation, which is often a problem with these types of racks, the racks are surrounded by a plastic shell and cover. There is also an innovative condensation drain system to prevent buildup inside the rack. Racks are available in multiple vial/tube sizes and requests for a new vial or tube can be easily accommodated.

Single Use Bioreactor – Probe Sheath Adaptor

The Sample Pilot Probe Sheath Adaptor allows the user to aseptically connect the pre-sterilized Sample Pilot SP200 to a single-use bioreactor. This connection is made using the commonly available probe sheath interface that is provided on most single-use bioreactors. The interface is made in the same way the pH and DO probes are pre-sterilized and connected.