MAST Cell Removal System


Product quality attribute testing often requires analysis of a cell-free sample by HPLC, UPLC, LCMS or another instrument. For this reason, we invented the MAST Cell Removal System (CRS). Using tangential flow filtration (TFF) technology, the CRS effectively isolates cells from whole broth in the retentate and collects cell-free permeate for transfer to downstream analytical devices.

The Cell Removal System has the demonstrated ability to consistently separate cells from permeate for up to 40 samples per CRS filtration cassette. The CRS system is fully configurable allowing the system operation to be developed to fit your specific application. The system has full flexibility with respect to sample process and post sample flushing/cleaning parameters. CRS technology provides precise control of flow and trans-membrane pressure, while an innovative design and quick change-out filtration cassettes allow improved processing and cleaning. In addition, this separation process is external to the bioreactor. Replacement of the filtration cassette or resolution of any other issue occurs outside the sterile boundary of the bioreactor.

Download the CRS Controller Product Data Sheet

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