How We Work

The MAST team will partner with you to install an autosampling system that meets your specific needs. Our turnkey delivery process has matured over 40 years of delivering solutions to end users. Communication is at the heart of this process with regular discussion to clearly define the user requirements, deliverables, and timing. We build your systems here and test them before shipment. You are welcome to come visit your system during this time as a training opportunity. We follow up with professional installation, full system testing, and personalized training.

Where Have MAST Systems Been Used?

Upstream Cell Culture

Sample Pilot SP100 and SP200 units have been used to collect and deliver cell culture samples from small scale development bioreactors to large scale stainless steel and single-use bioreactors. Tens of thousands of samples have been successfully collected from these systems.

Downstream and Continuous Processing

In multiple different client applications, the MAST system draws samples from downstream purification and continuous processing sample points to assist in monitoring and controlling the process.

Microbial Fermentation

In multiple applications, SP100 units draw microbial samples from development and pilot-scale microbial fermentation tanks and sends those highly viscous samples to distances greater than 80 feet for analysis, processing or retain collection.