MASTconnect Software

To access the full potential of the MAST system, the MASTconnect software was created. The MASTconnect software is broken down in modules that correspond with the system complexity required by the end user. This allows the user to only pay for the aspects of the software that are needed.

MASTconnect System Overview Screen

MASTconnect Manual Control Screen

MASTconnect Sample Schedule Screen

MASTconnect Data Historian Screen

Master Controller

The MASTconnect Master Controller Software allows the scientists, engineers and system operators to harness the full potential of the MAST system to:

  • Set up of the fully configurable MAST system to meet your specific laboratory or manufacturing requirements
  • Control the setup, operation and shut down of the MAST system during a bioreactor run
  • Schedule samples and analytical tests
  • Create and load methods for frequently used sampling protocols
  • Collect and review historical operational and analytical data


Sample Navigator
Analytical Navigator
Cell Removal System
Ancillary Software