Accelerated development using automated sampling.
Get to market sooner.

Greater control over test results makes you proactive, not reactive.

Maximize your materials, time and profitability.

With a proven ability to collect accurate representative samples, maintain bioreactor sterility and generate real-time product quality data, the MAST system is the result of a focused five-year development program in collaboration with ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Now product quality attribute control is one step closer to reality. Learn more about MAST here.


Higher Value Productivity

MAST allows you to work faster by collecting data in real time instead of waiting for results


Superior Samples

Maintain sterility and collect representative samples so you know what’s happening in your bioreactor



Implemented specifically for your lab and grows with you from small development scale through full-scale cGMP manufacturing



Our automated, aseptic bioreactor sampling system reliably transfers samples directly from bioreactors to analytical devices