Sample Pilot Modules


Sample Pilot SP100

The original Sample Pilot, the SP100 has been proven in the labs of many biopharmaceutical leaders as an effective autosampling solution in cell culture and microbial applications. Designed specifically to maintain bioreactor sterility while collecting representative samples for automated analysis, the SP100 is used in fixed reactor applications where the bioreactors are sterilized in place. After collecting and delivering the sample, the SP100 is flushed, sanitized and dried in preparation for the next sample.

Download the Sample Pilot SP100 Product Data Sheet


Sample Pilot SP200

Scaled down from the highly successful SP100, the SP200 is designed for development scale and single use bioreactor applications. SP200 units have been deployed at leading biopharmaceutical companies in their development and pilot scale laboratories.

Used in cell culture and downstream applications, SP200 units have taken thousands of samples in these labs. Similarly to the SP100, after collecting and delivering the sample, the SP200 is flushed, sanitized and dried in preparation for the next sample.

The SP200 is compact, requiring little space on a bioreactor (~2-inch radius). Installation is straightforward, with multiple port connection options allowing integration directly into a Single Use Bioreactor bag by insertion through a Pall Kleenpak connector, or insertion through a dip tube into a bench top development bioreactor. The SP200 can be used on bioreactors of all scales and can be adapted to all ports and fitting types.

Download the Sample Pilot SP200 Product Data Sheet